Rent-A-Sensor for as low as $199/month.

Why Join the Video Dental Club?
Why Rent-A-Sensor?

Join the "No worries Club"!

Tired of ambiguous and worthless fee based “extended warranties”? When you purchase QuickRay there are no “Enrollment Fees” or “Annual Subscription Fees”. Our Warranty is clear: 2 years against defects; 3 years against accidental damage. When it comes to accidental damage we offer a 3 year replacement plan that is the longest and most comprehensive on the market. Thousands of customers have enjoyed savings and outstanding service since 1998; Shouldn’t You?

Join the Videodental Club

With our packages you get all you need!

  • Low upfront Investment
    A fraction of the cost of comparable sensors without the risk
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Zero deductible warranty for as long as you’re a member
  • Subscriptions Service
    Predictable monthly costs Protects against technology obsolescence Enables you to scale your pratice with multiple sensors
  • Ongoing Support & Training
    Live chat and remote support. Online video training courses. Priority sensor replacement
  • Seamless Integration
    Guaranteed compatibility with all major Imaging Software

With our packets u get connected to all media.

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